“I would describe a Mexican accent like Mickey Mouse singing a song,” says one Puerto Rican in the video. To which Emma Ramos, her Mexican counterpart responds: “I’ve never heard any Puerto Rican speak quietly. You guys yell.” And now we’re rethinking the whole “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” thing.

New York Times

The best moments feature Johan, an academic, enduring the scalding opinions of a colleague (Emma Ramos) regarding some poems he has written ("We all used to think you were going to be a star someday," she says, putting in the knife ever so casually),

American Theater Web

And Emma Ramos plays one of Johan’s students (and lovers) with zinging intensity, both when she needles him about his poetry and later when she confronts him about what has gone wrong with their relationship.

Theater Scene Magazine

Emma Ramos makes the most of her brief role of Eva, Johan’s work colleague who pops in from time to time. She is always charmingly direct and compelling.


We are all entitled to make a living as creatives says Latina entrepreneur Emma Ramos.